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Automatically Change PC Volume Depending Upon Time of the Day

Speaker Locker is a system utility for Windows which allows you to automate system volume changes throughout the day. Up to 5 periods of a day, in various different lengths, can be programmed to have different volume settings applied to them automatically. So, for example, if you need your computer muted automatically when you’re out of the house, or just turn down volume when the neighbors are sleeping, just program that setting in Speaker Locker and leave it running to do its thing. The 5 spots for setting up periods of the day when you want to automatically change system volume can be seen right from the top of interface. Not all of them have to be activated. You can use the Enable check mark at the start of each one to turn on the ones you need. Various other switches and options are available at the bottom and on the right. Out of all these, the one that stands out the most would be the fact that you can password protect Speaker Locker, so that when it’s accessed from the system tray you need to provide a password.

Other interesting features of this automatic system volume changer are:

    • Simple to use – without complicated configuration or menus
    • Program up to 5 periods of the day with automatic volume changes
    • Make the volume lower than, greater than or equal to specified values
    • Prevents other programs affecting system volume, during time interval
    • Password protection – protect settings with a password
    • System tray icon – minimize the program to the system tray

How to change system volume settings automatically in Windows with Speaker Locker

Speaker Locker will by default have 4 time intervals of 6 hours setup. You can leave them, but you’ll probably want something that suits you. Put check marks next to the slots that you’d like to use and then add values in hours, 0 to 24, specifying volume level for each one of them.

Once you have a password set, which can be added by clicking on Set Password button, every time that Speaker Locker is started or opened up from system tray you’re gonna have to type in a password in order to get to setting. Perfect for when you need to prevent others from tampering with volume levels that you’ve scheduled.


Speaker Locker is very easy to use, it’s very light and very useful for those who are looking for ways to automate system volume level changes in Windows.


Windows 2K / XP / XP x64 / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64 / 8 32-bit / 8 64-bit

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