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Buying & Selling online is a Piece of cake with Order Manager.

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Features of Order Manger

“Order Manager for Buyers & Sellers” is a software you can use for your online business or for your personal online orders. You can use this for any site. If you selling online, it has all features you need for any kind of online business. Also it’s useful if you buy lots of items online and you want to keep records of that. Some features include:

  • Keep records of your Buying (or drop shipping) and Selling (or personal) Orders.
  • Automatically update status of your order tracking numbers. So you can make sure you or your buyers receive items or take actions before your buyers open cases.
  • Update status of your orders and add reminders / notes.
  • Easily select / find orders by their status, tracking number or keywords.
  • Store links to all of regular items you purchase. So when you want to order for yourself or for your buyers (Drop shipping), you can easily search for items and just double click to open order pages.
  • All orders and items are group by Stores (E.g.: Aliexpress sellers stores). So you can easily filter those by stores. When your mark orders as Dispute, it will increase the dispute count of that particular store. By that dispute count, you can label stores as “Good” or “Bad”.
  • If you are a buyer and want to place an order in a later time, you can store the product page link in “Order to place” section in “Order Manager for Buyers & Sellers”. Then easily find it and place the order later.
  • If you are a seller, eBay / Amazon have strict rules about the date you ship your orders. But if you really cannot ship on estimated date, you can put the order link in “Order to place” section in “Order Manager for Buyers & Sellers” and mark as Shipped on eBay / Amazon and ship the order later (We do NOT recommend this).
  • Calculate the profit in your local currency by taking care of all fees / discounts / etc. So you know the correct price to list.
  • Simple Date calculator.
  • Address separator / Combiner. You can simply paste the address from Amazon order page to the software and get it separated to enter it to the Aliexpress order page.
  • Find US / Canada states by their short codes (useful for Amazon sellers).
  • Maintain message templates. You just have to enter fields in separate text boxes to complete message. It’s easy. E.g.: Hi, Your tracking number is [Tracking]. Thank you.
  • Automatically backup / restore database, passwords protect and many more features.


Windows 2K / XP / XP x64 / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64 / 8 32-bit / 8 64-bit / 10 32-bit / 10 64-bit

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